EIHE in a glance

Where your dreams for the future of energy come true

Energy: the final frontier, here at EIHE you can Search and discover new energy means , surf over renewable energy systems, resources, discover new means and find your way through and find your role in the future of the energy on earth . Launch or enhance your career today! Anywhere. Any industry. Whether you’re seeking to improve your career path or your company’s steps toward efficiency, EIHE helps you achieve your energy education goals.

EIHE helps you to tailor your course selections to match your plans for your career, see what future holds for energy programs…here you can turn your energy dreams for future into reality.

In general the Charter of EIHE outlines objectives appropriate to an energy university: “to advance, disseminate and apply learning and knowledge by teaching and research, as far as resources, supply and consumption of energy is concerned for the benefit of industry, commerce and of the community. This would in turn enable students to obtain the advantage of a university education, including periods outside EIHE in industry or commerce or wherever the institute considers proper for the best advancement of its objects.”

On these basis EIHE was founded in the year 2010. Although very young yet, still the institute tries to achieve all its goals by the help of experienced scientific board and up to date and advanced workshops and laboratories. Our new building is well on its way to welcome students for the coming semester Oct. 2016)


Although EIHE is a young but, all the disciplines have necessary laboratories as defined by standards for them. Also we are trying to develop more new educational and research laboratories as well as improving the present laboratories. The main research areas which we actually concentrate are renewable energies especially; solar energy and hydro energy (especially micro hydro).

The following presents a quick and summarized glance of our provisional laboratories. The reason we call them “provisional” is the fact that, very soon they supposed to be moved to their permanent place at our new building.

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